A day in the Javastraat

The Javastraat, our beloved home base since 2012. Although the neighbourhood has developed rapidly ever since, it’s still an undiscovered corner of the city for some people. In our 7-year existence we have seen it change and evolve. But that’s what neighbourhoods do. Besides the history of the Javastraat extends much further. The construction of the Javastraat started in 1900. It was the main street of a new district, where ten years later thousands of people already lived. That number would rise spectacularly and then decrease successively. The new working-class neighbourhood became old, the original inhabitants died, their children moved to more modern areas, buildings became unoccupied and deterioration followed. In the early 90s it reached its sad low point with boarded up shops, drug nuisance and the murder of cigar shopkeeper André Hartman.

As we fast forward to today, you can see a blooming Javastraat. The whole is a beautiful reflection of Amsterdam. The Indische Buurt is a quarter where you can still find a raw blend of multi-ethnic diversity seen in the faces walking the street and in the mix of commercial activity. With the presents of popular spots like Bar Botanique and Louie Louie, you can easily spend all day here. But the Indische Buurt’s identity is formed by the colorful people, authentic places and little stores. So since you are around for a visit to our stores, we would like to draw attention to a few local spots. 

Off course you want to start the day with coffee. Get yourself a coffee at Hartje Oost. Hartje Oost not only serves the best coffee in Oost, it’s a clothing boutique and coffee bar in one. For a quick bite we advise you to go for a Falafel sandwich from Tigris & Eufraat. This place specializes in products and delicacies from the Middle East. Here you will find competitively priced fruits and veggies, nuts and olives and various other products from the Middle East, like tahini, sahlab and aleppo-soap. They have an in-store falafel counter where you can find the freshest and tastiest falafel of the city. There are countless spots in the street to do your weekend groceries. From fruits and vegetables to spices, fish, nuts, bread and meat you will find everything you need in Javastraat. Another hidden gem is the Java Bookshop. An independent bookstore with a wide selection of Dutch and English world literature, where you can snoop around in peace. 

Java Bookstore

Javastraat Supermarkets

Local tailor Asgul deserves a special mention as well. Not only because we have a long-term partnership with this sewing workshop. The importance of a good tailor is their knowledge on styles and fabrics, and what it takes to create a tailored fit just for you. In 1991 Ayhan and Recep started their sewing workshop on the Javastraat. With durability in mind, Asgul can help you to extend the lifetime of your clothes.

Bar Basquiat is a lovely place to round of your day with a few drinks. With an interior inspired by the work of one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century, Jean-Michel Basquiat. You will see the artist’s scribbled hand writing in neon lights, and his sketches upon the dining tables, while the friendly staff serve you the finest local beers.